Housecleaning Tips to Simplify Your Life and Organize Your Home

If you want to simplify family life and organize your home, regular housecleaning is key.

These household cleaning tips will show you how to clean and organize each room, and easy tips for decluttering your home.

From staying sane while sharing a bathroom to getting the kids to pitch in on laundry day, the tried and true tactics here can work for your family, too.

You'll find the answers to your cleaning, organizing, and home safety questions here.

You'll also find solutions to your carpet stains removal questions, and how to get out those nasty clothing stains the kids came home with. 

Whether your goal is to save time, to stretch your household budget, or to make running a home less stressful, it's here.

Why Involve the Kids in Cleaning?

"Why involve the kids in home organizing and cleaning?" That's a question I am often asked.

The answer is pretty simple: Why not?

You didn't mess up the house yourself. Which means a clean house should happen without you being the only one cleaning it.

Having kids help if they have a say in organizing their rooms, they can also easily play a part in keeping their bedroom clean.

As my kids would say: "Duh."

And most parents agree. But the big question remains: How can I get my kids cleaning?

Which is usually followed by: "What are age-appropriate chores for kids? Should I pay allowance for chores?"

Why Kids Should Help Out at Home.

The answer: No Mom (or Dad) should be an island.

Unless parents have a battle plan designed to guide the troops through the minefield of daily family life, they can't expect to survive the pre-college years with their sanity intact.

This website helps you not only gain control of your home and keep it running smoothly, but it also provides tips on age appropriate chores for kids so they can help in the campaign.

You'll find the wild carpool routine will be tamed, home cleaning and organizing systems in place, and even the most domestically challenged will be ready in a flash to host unexpected friends or in-laws overnight.

About Clean Organized Family Home.

In short: World War II will be averted, Mom won't be cranky any more, and the family will have a clean, happy, harmonious home to enjoy.

Best of all, your home organizing and cleaning systems will almost run themselves.


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